Oil Changes


Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Oil Changes in Frederick

Oil changes are among the more basic bits of vehicle maintenance, but they're also among the most essential. If you want to keep your vehicle performing at its best and help the engine last as long as possible, regular oil changes are necessary for you to get the most out of your car. Luckily, oil changes are one of our service center's many specialties, so when your car's next service interval creeps around the corner, you can rely on our team of expert technicians in Frederick, MD to get the job done.

Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?

Your car's engine depends on oil to help it perform more efficiently as you travel near Mount Airy, MD and Damascus, MD. Your engine is a system of fast-moving parts that require adequate lubrication to function properly. Without plenty of fresh oil, all that high-speed movement causes excess friction and heat in your engine, which can do damage to engine components and cause other parts of your vehicle to work harder and wear down faster.

Here are a few ways in which scheduling regular oil changes near Damascus, MD and Clarksburg, MD can help your car:

  1. Keeps your engine lubricated and cool
  2. Keeps your engine clean and free of harmful dirt particles and sludge
  3. Helps your engine perform more efficiently
  4. Reduces engine wear
  5. Improves vehicle longevity

Which Oil Works For My Vehicle?

Conventional Oil vs. Synthetic Oil

There are a variety of engine oil options when you bring your vehicle into our dealership service center and when it comes to the full functionality of your vehicle, we ensure your engine receives the oil that fits its needs best. There are two effective oil options, and they are conventional oil versus synthetic oil. But which is best for your ride?

Conventional Oil derives from crude oil, which is pumped from the earth and mixed with a variety of chemical additives to meet vehicle engine standards. Conventional oil works well at high temperatures and goes the distance when it comes to lubricating your engine over long periods of time.

Synthetic Oil starts as conventional oil but is given a blend of properties which enhance its lubricative viscosity to increase performance. It's oil that is distilled and purified which removes impurities which makes Synthetic oil a great choice for vehicles with high mileage on the odometer and different types of synthetic oils are made specifically for high-performance engines. Synthetic oil is ideal for turbocharged engines and for trucks and SUVs that are pulling heavy loads between Mount Airy and Damascus that or endure stop-and-go traffic on a regular basis in Frederick.

Professional Oil Change Service Near Clarksburg, MD

Our service center has a wide range of oil options, and we know just what's right for your year, make, and model. If you're seeking an oil change for your vehicle and your searching oil service locations near in Frederick, schedule a service date with our team, and we'll keep your engine running long and strong! You can reach our service center by calling to schedule at (888)577.3621, or you can stop by our centrally located dealership service center at 400 North East Street in Frederick, MD. We look forward to working with you and servicing your vehicle with the care that it deserves!

Overall, if you want to enjoy better vehicle performance and dodge costly engine repairs, staying on top of your vehicle's oil change schedule is a crucial step. Modern engines typically require an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, but we recommend peeking at your owner's manual for specifics. If you're not the do-it-yourself type, we're always happy to handle your vehicle's maintenance and provide top-notch service!

Schedule service today if your vehicle needs an oil change or another form of routine maintenance. We also do custom work and offer parts, so we encourage you to reach out if you're aiming to personalize your ride!