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Oil Change In Frederick, MD

So why do we need engine oil in any case? Because, without oil, your engine parts will create a great deal of friction and friction is without a doubt any car or truck’s worst nightmare. Engine oil allows all your engine components to move around in a fluid manner that is essential for engine performance. Along with lubricating the engine, the oil also collects particles and deposits these harmful contaminants in the oil filter. So in summary, engine oil shields engine parts, maintains performance and filters build up. Pretty handy stuff!

Oil Change Service Frederick, MD

Regular replacement of your engine oil is among the best and most affordable ways to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine and we replace the oil filter making sure it’s the right one for your vehicle. Trust us with your oil changes and we trust that you’ll be back for your next one. Feel free to stop in, call us or set up your appointment online today!

Engine Oil Service Station Frederick, MD

One final point regarding the use of synthetic engine oil. Long gone are the times when you would need to change your oil in preparation for the cold months.

Present-day engine oils have various viscosities, meaning they thin out in the icy cold and thicken during the warmer months to flow equally as well in the summer time. Simply put, the 10W you bought in the winter can be used during the summer as well.

It is still recommended that you carry out routine oil changes as advised by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Must I Change The Oil 3 Months Or Every 3000 Miles?

You’ve very likely read that you ought to change your vehicle’s oil every three-thousand miles. Nevertheless, most modern cars will go roughly four-thousand miles prior to needing their next oil change. Keep in mind, however, that driving a truck in a very hot environment, travelling regularly, or doing consistently heavy towing will require you to change your oil more often. As a reminder, you might want to jot down your miles at the time of your oil change and generally after about three-thousand miles you are due for your next oil change. At Krietz’s Auto Repair and Sales we’ll provide you with a top-notch oil change in a short time. Come on by and we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure you are on an oil change routine that is right for your vehicle.