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Customize Your Ford

Ready to take your Ford to the next level? There's nothing our team can't do. Check out some of our upgrades:

  • Lift/Leveling Kits:  If you're Ford's in-need of a makeover, our lift kit options and expert technicians are ready and waiting to transform your vehicle into the model you've always dreamed of!

  • Wheels: You'll find lots of familiar names among the wheel brands that we carry here at our dealership.

  • Fender Flares: Are you looking to upgrade your Ford with the perfect set of Fender Flares? Let our team help you find the perfect size, color and brand of Fender Flares for your ride.

  • Running Boards: Need a boost when stepping into your Ford? Let our team help you choose the best customized running boards for your truck. 

  • Tires: Whether your current set needs to be replaced or you're looking for a new tire type, our expert team can direct you towards the tires that will offer the greatest benefit to you and your vehicle.
  • Dual Exhaust: Reclaim that muffled power by adding an exhaust kit to your truck. 
  • Tonneau Covers: Looking to cover the bed of your truck? Add a Tonneau cover to the bed of your truck. 
  • Weather Tech Floor Mats: Trap the dirt, water, sand and rocks in these perfectly fitting sculpted floor mats. 
  • Linex Spray-In Bed Liner: Protect the bed of your truck from rugged use by adding a Linex Spray-In Bed Liner. There is nothing better to improve the quality of your truck bed's life.   

If you're interested in taking your Ford to the next level, send us a message and we can get started. We can even install everything for you at our service center!

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