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Jeep Wrangler XD831 Chopstix XD KMC Wheels
Jeep Wrangler One Piece Contra D615 Fuel WheelsJeep Wrangler XD831 Chopstix XD KMC Wheels

Jeep Wrangler D607 Warrior Fuel Offroad  Wheels

Jeep Wrangler JL Lifted with Pull Bar

Jeep Wrangler One Piece Cleave D574 Fuel Wheels

Jeep Wrangler Once Piece Fuel Vapor Wheels

Jeep Wrangler D576 One Piece Assault Fuel Wheels

 Jeep Wrangler D546 One Piece Assault Fuel Wheels
Jeep Wrangler XD811 RS2 KMC Wheels
Jeep Wrangler Assault D576 Fuel Wheels
Jeep Wrangler Vapor D560 Fuel Wheels 
Jeep Wrangler XD820 Grenade XD Wheels
Jeep Wrangler Coupler D575 Fuel Wheels
Jeep Wrangler Diesel D598 Fuel Wheels 
Jeep Wrangler H107 Gauntlet Hostile Wheels Jeep Wrangler XD820 Grenade KMC Wheels  Jeep Wrangler Maverick D610 Fuel Wheels
 Jeep Wrangler XD820 Grenade XD Wheels
Jeep Wrangler Assault D576 Fuel Wheels  Jeep Wrangler Hardline D620 Fuel Wheels
Jeep Wrangler RT1X 832SB Center Line Wheels Jeep Wrangler One Piece Cleaver D574 Fuel Wheels  Jeep Wrangler One Piece Maverick D610 Fuel Wheels
 Jeep Wrangler D578 One Piece Battle Axe Fuel Wheels
Jeep Wrangler XD825 Buck 25 XD Wheels 

Jeep: An American Icon

With decades of extensive history and an uncompromising approach to producing rugged and capable off-road vehicles, the Jeep brand remains an inseparable part of the American automotive industry. Having earned its reputation as an indestructible workhorse during World War Two, and later proving its commercial success through the production of the iconic Wrangler, or the vehicle that literally created the now wildly popular SUV class, the Cherokee, Jeep continually delivers vehicles that capture the hearts and minds of drivers and off-road enthusiasts worldwide. With the latest Jeep models equipped with advanced and innovative technology and mechanical engineering to further enhance their capabilities, drivers from Clarksburg to Damascus receive the legendary Jeep performance of previous generations, with all the latest amenities and improvements of today's technologies.

Extensive Aftermarket Support, and Krietz Auto Sales' Custom Off-Road Modification

While Jeep brand vehicles come fully-equipped from the factory, Jeep vehicles famously sport a seemingly endless quantity of aftermarket modifications. At Krietz Auto Sales, our expert mechanics are equipped and excited to assist you in further building your rig to suit the toughest off-road applications. Whatever modifications you desire, Krietz Auto Sales can do it. When off-roading, maximum ground clearance is essential--obtained through a suspension lift kit in conjunction with larger wheels, tires, and fender flares for optimal articulation when off-road. Additional options such as rock rails (or running boards), upgraded bumpers with winches, tire carriers, light bars and Oracle Lighting solutions, or even hard or soft top replacements, Krietz Auto Sales offers a variety of off-road customization services to get you on the trail faster, with confidence.

Krietz Auto Sales: Custom Off-Road Solutions and Extensive Jeep Inventory

Whether looking to build up your off-road rig with our off-road custom shop, or to purchase an iconic Jeep vehicle to experience the rugged capability associated with the iconic brand, Krietz Auto Sales proudly offers extensive stock for drivers in Frederick and Mount Airy. Visit out dealership today to speak with a sales professional about our aftermarket support and modification capabilities, or to discover your next Jeep vehicle and schedule a test drive today! Offering financing solutions, a service department, and extensive inventory of various makes and models, Krietz Auto Sales strives to offer the ideal experience for your next vehicle purchase.