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Factory Scheduled Maintenance In Frederick, MD

During a factory scheduled maintenance service we perform a basic tune-up, rotate tires at 5K miles, check coolant and brake fluid levels, perform engine oil changes, inspect tires, check windscreen or dashboard washing systems, and check to make sure your vehicle is performing at its highest level.

Your vehicle’s maintenance guide identifies precisely what services we need to perform at each routine service visit. The required maintenance intervals are estimates based on normal driving conditions.

We make assessments about your vehicle based on the factory scheduled maintenance specifications, and we may ask questions related to your driving style, because severe driving conditions can often increase the frequency of these maintenance intervals. That is why we, at Krietz Auto Repair and Sales strive to be at the top of our industry so no matter what your car needs or when it needs it, we are here to help.

Our modern facility not only does preventative repairs and maintenance, but is available to increase the overall performance of your vehicle as well. Krietz Auto Repair takes pride in providing quality services in an effort to maintain the reliability of your vehicle.

Tune-Up In Frederick, MD

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is an inner mechanism that keeps track of the timing and fuel blend. This ECM is constantly performing a “tune-up” in order to maintain your vehicle’s peak efficiency.

Older vehicles with carbureted engines, before ECMs were standard, occasionally needed their idle mix and acceleration checked. This “tune-up” commonly occurred at 15,000 miles. Modern engines don’t require the same service but the word “tune-up” remains a common synonym with routine maintenance.

Even though the ECM is in place to keep track of timing and gasoline mixture, various other parts are unmonitored: spark plugs, filtering systems and belts. Which means these parts need to be checked by a knowledgeable technician at Krietz Auto Repair.