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Top 3 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain is a challenge for even the moat experienced drivers. Rainy conditions are associated with higher accident rates and caution must be taken to avoid hazard to yourself and others. If you're uncomfortable driving the rain, it's best to avoid making trips until after skies have cleared. But for those of us who much drive even when it's storming, we offer some simple tips to help keep you safe…
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City Mouse Versus Country Mouse: How to Shop for a Car that Fits Your Location

While exciting, living in a major or even minor metropolis like downtown Frederick for example requires certain considerations when you’re shopping for a new vehicle. Congested roadways, swiftly moving traffic patterns, and the scramble for limited parking are all hallmarks the downtown dweller knows all too well.

So what features are most important to have in your new vehicle if you live in the city?

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A Must Read: Five Signs Your Car Battery May Soon Die


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The thought of our car dying on us is downright terrifying, especially when we find ourselves far from home or in the middle of nowhere. It is a common fear that we all share, and unfortunately, a common issue as well. Here are five common warning signs that your car's battery may be reaching the end of its life cycle.

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April: National Car Care Month

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Did you know that the month of April is deemed “National Car Care Month”? “Why”? You may ask. Because April marks the end of winter (at least we hope so, but who knows with the volatile east coast weather), and the beginning of the spring season. Following a harsh winter, it is time to prepare your car for spring driving and summer road trips!


Scheduling an appointment is as easy as clicking here to schedule online, or calling our sales desk at (888) 577-3621.

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How to Connect My Smart Device to My Vehicle’s Bluetooth Feature

As cell phone usage while behind the wheel becomes increasingly banned around the United States, auto manufacturers are adding new features to their vehicles that allow you to make and take calls and text using voice features. The most common wireless technology found in today’s vehicles is known as Bluetooth. Bluetooth has been around since telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994; however, it did not get implemented into vehicles until the early 2000s as manufacturers were striving to create a “hands-free” experience for drivers to decrease the rate of accidents related to cell phone usage.
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My Check Engine Light Is On, What Should I Do?

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Oh no, my "Check Engine" light just came on, what should I do? How much will this cost me? Will I need a new engine?

Typically, this light illuminates due to minor issues. These are typically, quick, easy, and cheap fixes. Not to worry, the Krietz Auto Blog is here to serve you up some knowledge on the true meaning behind your "Check Engine" Light.
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The Krietz Auto Spotlight: A Premium Upgrade on a Light Budget

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This week’s vehicle in the spotlight is the 2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium. A true luxury performance car without the expected high price tag. Nissan is known for its superior quality and top notch performance. See why we chose this vehicle (of our hundreds in inventory) to put in the spotlight on this week’s Krietz Auto Spotlight!

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How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

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Believe it or not, spring is almost here! Yeah, the weather can be deceiving, one day it feels like it's winter and the next you'll find yourself driving down backroads with the sunroof open and the music blasting. Regardless, after a brutal, cold, salty winter, it is imperative that you take action and prep your car for the upcoming spring season. In this post, we'll discuss exactly what actions you should take following the potentially damaging winter months.

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How to Prepare for a Vehicle Emissions Test

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Vehicle Emissions Tests can come as an inconvenience, and can lead to costly repairs if your vehicle does not pass. Passing an emissions test isn't as hard as you might think, in fact, by asking yourself a few key questions, you'll increase your likelihood of passing, we promise.

PS: Preventive Maintenance is key!

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Top 5 Scenic Views in the DMV

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There's nothing more therapeutic and stress-relieving than a drive down a scenic backroad with windows down and music blasting. Here are our top five picks of some of the best drives that you HAVE to take sometime in the near future!
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What Happens To Your Negative Equity?

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What Happens to my Negative Equity? There comes a time when one grows sick of his or her current vehicle, regardless of its condition. Unfortunately, if money is still owed on the loan of the vehicle that you are looking to trade in, the loan won’t simply disappear. The remaining balance on the loan must be paid off, and it can present an issue if you owe more on the loan than what the car is worth. This imbalance in what is owed and what the car is worth is referred to as negative equity.



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