Custom Wheel Terms Explained: Milled

So you’re new to the world of custom vehicles. You’re thinking about how sweet your truck would look with a 6” lift, custom wheels and running boards.

If you’re like most people though, you’re probably pretty unfamiliar with some of the industry terms we use to describe the mechanics of our lifted components.

Fear Not! Our Krietz Customs team loves to bring you into the shop for behind-the-scenes How-Tos, and new Wheel Walkthroughs like this one:

And today in our Auto Blog we’ll explain in plain language what some of those tricky custom wheel, lift and tire terms actually mean.


First Up: Milling


You’ll commonly hear the terms “machined” or “milled” thrown around in discussions about wheel choice. To “mill” is to grind, crush, pulverize, powder, granulate or pound. Milling is actually a type of machining.


Machining can be defined as a material removal process that can create a variety of features. These features are exposed as unwanted material is pulled away.


So what does this mean for wheels? On wheels, the milling refers to an aspect of its appearance. The milling process creates the accents you’ll often see on the spokes and rims of popular wheel brands.


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Here’s an example of a milled wheel:

(Fuel Maverick)

Note the exposed chrome outlining the wheel's spokes. This is the Milling! 

As you can see, the milling helps create a distinct and stylish look.

Want to check out some milled wheels in action? Take a peek at our Customs Offroad Gallery to see wheels like these in action. And when you're ready to take the plunge and set yourself up with custom wheels of your own, contact our team directly and we'll be sure to help you out.

Happy Driving!

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