A Spring Cleaning Checklist from Krietz

Happy Springtime, Auto Buyers! Before we have to fend off the summer heat, now’s a good time to freshen up your vehicle and get it ready to cruise through the rest of June.


 Here are Our Top Picks for Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List:


1.     Clean/Dust Your Vents: First thing’s first. Through normal use, your vehicle’s air conditioning vents accumulate a good share of dust and dirt throughout the year. To breathe easier and maintain the look of your dash, make sure this Is a high priority!


2.     Wash Your Floor Mats: This one’s a no-brainer! You can improve the appearance and cleanliness of your interior dramatically by taking care of your floor mats. Just like our carpets at home, our vehicle mats take the brunt of the dirt and debris that we track in on our feet. If you want your car’s interior to feel like new again, this step is a MUST.


3.     Polish Your Headlights: This one’s for looks and for safety. Hazy and dull headlights happen over time from exposure to sunlight, pollution and things like road salt. To stay safe and seen on the road and to keep your headlights nice and sparkly, take some time now to get them a good shine. Your fellow drivers will thank you.


4.     Clean-Up Your Grille: Much like your own dazzling smile, your car’s grille often gives others a first impression. Make it a good one and reserve some time to wash off the dirt, muck and bug carnage (yuck!), your grille has been picking up this season.


5.     Shine those Hubcaps: Nothing screams “New-Car Feel” quite like some shiny rims. Your hubcaps spend all year protecting your vehicle’s wheel hub and can suffer mightily from  day-to-day exposure to heat, salt, dirt and moisture. For all the work they do, they definitely deserve a springtime refresh, too!



Sound like a lot of work to do yourself? We agree. It could be daunting.

That’s why we’re here to help!

Come see us today to schedule a professional detail with the friendly staff here at Krietz Auto!

Happy Driving!

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