What is a 30-Point Vehicle Inspection

A 30-point inspection provides a “snapshot” of  the current state of a vehicle and its essential systems. The many components of a motor vehicle need to work as one in order to keep you on the road, safe and sound. The various elements of a vehicle wear at different rates and a 30-point inspection can be crucial to understanding your vehicle’s current condition.


A 30-point inspection uses a rating system to classify the wear level of each component being tested. The system ratings range from “Ok Excellent Condition,” to “Critical Needs Servicing Immediately.”


Think of the rating system as your vehicle’s report card. From it, you can glean what is making the grade and what you’ll need to keep an eye on for the future.


Here are the systems typically included in a 30-point inspection:


Road Test:


Steering System



Tire and Wheels:

Tire Pressure and Treads



Front, Back and Emergency Brakes




Wiper Blades

Exterior Lights



Under the Hood/Interior:

Drive Belts

Battery and Cables

Engine Oil

Air Fuel and Cabin Filters

Tune up components

All lighting systems



Under Car:

Struts and Shocks


Engine and Transmission Leaks

Axle Shafts & Boots/U-Joints

Differential Fluids & Leaks



Other: Factory Scheduled Maintenance Schedule 

At Krietz Auto, we perform 30-point inspections on every vehicle brought in for service work. This process helps us help you in determining what needs you vehicle may have now, and in the future. For more info about the vehicle services we offer click here. And to schedule an appointment with our service center visit us here.

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