Why Should I Get My Oil Changed?

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Why Should I Get My Oil Changed? 

Car maintenance can sometimes come as an inconvenience; however, it is extremely important and necessary to keep up with your car’s maintenance schedule, especially when it comes to oil changes. Theoretically, you could drive your car until it dies without changing your oil; however, this is a terrible, potentially detrimental gamble. Oil changes are necessary, and it is important that you get them done in a timely manner. The time a vehicle can go between oil changes varies from vehicle to vehicle, and with the introduction of synthetic oil, some cars are now able to go 5,000-10,000 miles between oil changes. This information can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, and it is vital that you know this information, as changing it too often (i.e. every 3,000 miles when your car can go 7,500 miles between oil changes) can be costly, as you are essentially flushing money. The benefits that come along with consistent, punctual oil changes include a clean engine, a lower likelihood of an overheated engine, and prolonged vehicle life. 

The Cleaner the Engine, the Better the Performance 

What are some of the most expensive services your vehicle could require, but are totally unavoidable? Well, pretty much anything related to the engine. One huge detriment of disregarding oil maintenance is the constant buildup of dirt and other residues in the engine. This can be significantly worse if you frequently drive in extreme conditions (i.e. severely hot or cold weather), have a long commute/take long trips, or drive hilly or mountainous terrain. Vehicles are made up of millions of parts; there are so many different issues you can run into to. You can negate these potential risks and issues through routine maintenance and a trustworthy technician (i.e. those at Krietz Auto). Believe me, an engine cleaning service can very, very costly, and the best way to avoid it is by keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, ESPECIALLY its oil changes! 

Engines Aren’t Cheap, Don’t Overheat 

The chances of your engine overheating is extremely rare, thanks to technological advancement in the automotive industry. This does not mean, however, that it can’t or won’t happen. One of the most important functions of engine oil is that it keeps the various moving parts in your engine lubricated, thus reducing excessive friction. By neglecting your engine’s oil, you increase the likelihood of your engine overheating, as dirtier, overused oil is less capable of keeping these components properly lubricated. This, in turn, can lead to a dangerous level of heat in your vehicle’s engine bay, leading to an overheated engine. 

The Golden Rule Applies to Your Vehicle Too 

Treat your vehicle as you would want to be treated. If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you, it is as simple as that. We all know at least one person who is a proud owner of a early 2000s sedan that has over 200,000+ miles on its outdated odometer. What’s the secret to keeping your car running this long? Routine maintenance, especially oil changes! Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is key to prolonging its life, and from an investment standpoint, getting the most out of it. 

Who said oil changes had to be expensive and inconvenient? Krietz Auto prides itself in its affordable, quality oil change services and its trustworthy and knowledgeable auto technicians! Don’t forget, if you buy your next vehicle from us, you get a lifetime of oil changes on that vehicle! 

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