So You Want to Lift Your Truck?

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The Lifting Process


Do you ever see these massive trucks roll by, high off the ground, and wonder why they sit so high and how they got that way? The answer: through the aftermarket process of vehicle lifting. This modification is typically applied to pickup trucks; however, it can added to just about any vehicle to make it look more aggressive and distinct. It is not recommended to lift a coupe or sedan, however, it can be done. This modification can be added to any vehicle using either a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit. Body lift kits are designed to lift your vehicle two to three inches through the application of high quality nylon spacers between the body and the frame. On the other hand, a suspension lift kit is designed to raise the suspension through the replacement of the vehicle’s front and rear shocks and leaf springs. The latter would allow you to lift your truck to its absolute max, resulting in more ground clearance for your vehicle, opening up new opportunities for further modifications like large wheels, tires, and fender flares. Of course, suspension jobs can be some of the more costly vehicle services , so what if you are on a budget?


Not All Lift Kit Modifications are Outrageously Expensive

Choosing to install a lift kit on your vehicle is mostly a cosmetic modification, and will not impact the vehicle’s ride quality or handling too drastically. Some kits can be pricey, and body lift kits (the installation of high quality nylon spacers) are a lot cheaper than suspension lift kits. It all comes down to personal preference, though. At Krietz Auto, we offer a 3” and a 6” Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit, which gives the driver the option to lift the truck further in the future. Although pricier, suspension lifts are the better investment. For your convenience, Krietz Auto is offering 0% financing on its Rough Country Lift Kits. This way, you can pay off the modification monthly instead of making a one-time lump sum payment! If you are looking for a lift kit, look no further. The professionals at Krietz Customs will provide you with a quality and rewarding experience and service. Click here for further details or to schedule an appointment with our Krietz Customs team!