The Full Detail Experience

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The Full Detail Experience


Car detailing is crucial in keeping your car’s interior and exterior in tip-top shape. You may think that a car wash and a car detail is one in the same; however,this is a common misconception. Car detailing goes beyond the typical machine-wash you may purchase at the local gas station or car wash. Car detailing consists of deep-cleaning the car’s interior and exterior, thoroughly, by hand. Yes, by hand! Believe it or not, a full detail provides benefits to both the car and its owner. A full detail extends the life of your vehicle, its paint, and its resale value, and in the long-term, it can actually save you money! And who doesn’t like to save money!?


The Benefits of Full Detailing for Your Vehicle


Car’s can be expensive; the maintenance costs can add up,but preventive maintenance (yes, this includes getting your vehicle detailed) is a low price to pay to decrease the likelihood of tremendous maintenance costs in the future. It is recommended that you get your vehicle detailed at least once a year, if not more, especially following the winter season. Road salt erodes your vehicle’s clear coat and paint. A full detail will minimize the impact that these winter salts have on your vehicle. Not only does a full detail prolong the vehicle’s exterior paints, metals, and plastics, but it also extends the life of its interior as well. Over time, contaminants build up on the inside of a vehicle, damaging its leather, vinyl, chrome, plastics, and the like. A professional auto detail removes this contaminant build up, negating any potential damage. Furthermore, a detailing helps ensure that the car depreciates at a lower rate, which saves you money, as it decreases the possibility of needing of restoration services in the future.


How Detailing Saves You Money


If you take proper care of your vehicle, it will take care of you. The Golden Rule applies to just about anything in life, including your vehicle. By this, I mean it will not only run better and longer, but it will look great and retain its value. It is known that vehicles are poor investments due to depreciation; however, you can slow the rate at which it depreciates simply by taking care of your vehicle and investing in regular preventive maintenance services like full details. The difference is staggering, as the value between a vehicle in “fair” condition and a vehicle in “excellent” condition can range in the thousands of dollars! Just think, you could be missing out on extra trade-in value when it comes time to trade-in your vehicle!

Avoid the reduction in value and keep your car looking and running smoothing with a full detail from Krietz Auto! Schedule your detailing appointment today: