How To Change Your Oil

We all know the regular oil change is part of the routine vehicle maintenance process. But do you know why changing your oil is so important? Here’s a brief breakdown of the oil change process and why it matters.


The WHY: To understand the importance of regular oil changes, it’s crucial to know how the basic components of your vehicle work. Automobile engines are made up of moving parts that rub up against each other. The friction this movement causes creates heat. Oil is used as a heat-absorbing lubricant for the engine’s parts, helping them work together smoothly, and preventing overheating.


Over time, that oil breaks down and can become contaminated by environmental pollutants like dirt, dust and debris from the engine. Once this happens, the oil is no longer efficiently doing its job and needs to be replaced.


Regular oil changes are vital in maintaining the viability of your vehicle’s engine.

So what does the oil change process look like?


Suggested Supplies:

Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Oil Filter Wrench


Oil Pan

Container for Used Oil


Rubber Mallet

Safety Goggles

Wrench Set





Draining the Oil

Underneath the vehicle, find the oil pan and  locate the engine drain plug

Remove the oil plug, and let the oil drain out of the car.

After it has drained completely, replace the plug and put on a new washer.

It can take several minutes for the oil to drain out of the car, so be patient.

Once the oil has finished draining, replace the plug and put a new washer in the drain plug if necessary.

Make sure to inspect and clean the drain, plug and gasket once you’ve finished.


Replacing the Filter

Locate the filter assembly.

Unscrew the oil filter, either by hand if possible, or with a removal tool. Make sure your drain pan is underneath the filter to catch spilling oil.

Prior to installing the new filter, lubricate the gasket with new oil.

Then screw in the new filter until tightened.

Now it’s time to add new oil to the car at the fill hole, under the hood.

Replace the fill cap and you’re done!


Not ready to tackle this process on your own? Krietz Auto’s service staff is ready and able to assist you!

Watch as Express Bay Technician, Jose Granados gives a basic breakdown of the process:

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Happy Driving!
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