When To Change Your Oil

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We’ve all been driving down the interstate and that little dreaded light comes on…it’s time for an oil change.  If only it could change itself. But how do we really know when we re supposed to do this? How often should we change our oil, and what happens if we don’t? Look no further, at Krietz we’ve got your back. I’m sure we’ve all checked our owner’s manual and there is usually a suggested amount of mileage to follow that shows you when to get your next oil change; but we can’t just simply go with this number. There are many factors that go into this number. Do you sit in traffic a lot? Do you commute to work? Does your car sit in the garage or driveway more than it’s driven? Our best bet to properly figure out how often to change your car’s oil is to set up a free assessment with one of our techs. Let us do a free 30 point courtesy inspection, and give you the correct mileage based on your specific car model. At Krietz, we don’t just sell cars, we love teaching our clients how to maintain and get the most life out of their vehicle.
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