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Auto Electrical Repair In Frederick, MD

A vehicle needs an electrical system in order to generate, manage and distribute electricity. The average vehicle has literally miles of wiring to carry that electricity to various electrical systems in your car. The charging and starting system generates the electricity that allows your car to start and continue running. This system is comprised of three basic components, including: the battery, the starter motor and an alternator.

Car Battery Won’t Start Frederick, MD

Your car’s battery powers the electrical system, retains power to start the engine and auxiliary power to run additional components such as a car stereo, A/C, power adapters and other electrical devices. Your car’s battery, like a flashlight battery, wears out over time and needs to be replaced periodically. Batteries come in a variety of types and sizes – but most need to be replaced every three to seven years. Our Krietz Auto Repair technicians can carry out routine inspections of the battery’s cables and terminals for corrosion or looseness whenever you bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop. This is one of the best ways to prevent a “no start” scenario. And a simple test of your battery’s health can tell you if it should be replaced before it leaves you stranded.

Starter Motor Repair In Frederick, MD

The starter motor has one job: it draws reserve power from your battery in order to start the engine. Starters can fail gradually over time or they can be fine one day and bad the next. Routine inspections and testing can help prevent time consuming breakdowns.

Alternator Repair In Frederick, MD

The alternator is the charging device in your car and it has two jobs. First and foremost the alternator keeps your battery charged for your car to start every time. The second job that the alternator performs is to generate the electricity that powers the electrical system while the car is running and allows all electrical devices to operate properly. Everything from the fuel pump, ignition system, radio and the windshield wipers rely on the alternator for their power. If it’s not working, your electrical system will not function properly.

Blown Fuse In Frederick, MD

Fuses are located in the fuse box, sometimes called the power distribution center and your vehicle may have one or more of them. These can be located in various places in the vehicle. Fuses protect your electrical system from an overload by “blowing” before extensive damage can be done to the electrical system. A blown fuse suggests that there’s a problem with the electrical wiring and should be looked at by a Krietz Auto Repair technician. We advise that you do not try to switch the fuse yourself, and under no circumstances should you substitute a fuse while your ignition is on.


Your automobile’s electrical system is one of the most challenging and sophisticated systems to diagnose. There are numerous components and parameters in electrical systems that could be triggering a problem. Our certified technicians are properly trained and have the specialized equipment to get the job done right at Krietz’s Auto Repair and Sales in Frederick, MD.